What Childlike Faith Looks Like

childlike faithFrom our study this past Sunday in Luke 18, we learned a vital Kingdom principle: Whoever receives the Kingdom of God like a child will enter it. Child-like faith is required for entrance.

Here’s the list I gave you on Sunday of what childlike faith looks like based on the brainstorming session I was a part of a few months ago at a church planting conference.

Believe the impossible.
No image management.
No filter – completely honest.
Creative and imaginative.
Realize that all they have is given to them.
Utterly dependent.
Live in the moment. Not worried.
Know how to play. Incredibly imaginative.
Can make due w/ whatever is around them.
Obsessively curious.
Express unconditional love.
Quick to forgive.
Express overwhelming joy.
Full of anticipation.
Completely trusting.
Embarrassingly transparent!
Insistent and persistent.

Are there others you would add?