The 7 C’s of Missions


Expanding God’s Kingdom by planting and developing cross-cultural, reproducing, transformational churches.


Constant Prayer
We recognize that our calling to global missions and the strength that we need to be successful in this endeavor comes completely from God. Therefore, our entire global missions effort will be driven by a total reliance on the Lord through prayer.

Centrality of the Local Church
We are committed to the centrality of the local church in preparing, supporting and sending global missionaries.

Church-wide Involvement
Our global missions effort will involve as many people in the church as possible. We will exhort our congregation to identify and exercise their specific God-directed role(s) of sender, goer, mobilizer, welcomer, and/or intercessor.

Comprehensive Approach
Our approach to missions will be holistic, in that we will work hard to meet not only the spiritual needs of those to whom we minister, but we will also strive to meet their physical, mental, and emotional needs as well.

We are committed to forging partnerships with other like-minded churches and organizations who can help us accomplish our global outreach strategy.

Complete Missionary Care
We will adequately prepare our global missionaries before they go; provide strong financial support for them the entire time they’re on the field; maintain a strong personal relationship and commitment to them on the field; strongly uphold them in prayer the entire time they’re on the field; and we will be committed to helping them finish the task they’ve been called to and provide for them a clear exit and re-entry strategy.

Courageous Consideration
We are not afraid to take the gospel of Jesus to unreached people – not limited to but including those living in the 10/40 Window. The remoteness and danger of these areas will not hinder us from going if the Lord leads us there. Therefore, as we consider mission fields, we will prayerfully and courageously consider high-risk areas with hard-to-reach people.