Men’s Ministry Mosaic

One question I’m often asked is, “Does Foothills Fellowship have a men’s ministry?” My answer is “Yes, but it’s not a ‘traditional’ men’s ministry.” By that, I mean it’s not a ministry where men get together super-early in the morning for a Bible study and discussion around donuts and coffee. This actually has been offered before, but frankly, it hasn’t been met with much success. Some years back, I hosted a 25-week long men’s Bible study called “Men’s Fraternity.” It met on Friday mornings at 6:30AM and offered donuts, coffee, a “manly” message by me, and a brief time of discussion. The study started out with 20+ men, but by the time it came to a close, there were only 6 of us.

This low attendance caused me and the elders to reconsider our men’s ministry approach which prompted the concept of men’s ministry taking place in the context of small groups through what we called, “smaller groups.” We recognized that a large percentage of the men in our church were attending a small group, and so we encouraged the men in each small group to meet together regularly for a time of accountability and prayer. Many men did, and for a few years, this seemed to scratch our men’s ministry itch at Foothills. However, this approach has waned a bit too over time.


Under the leadership of Pastor Joe, we’re reconsidering again what men’s ministry can and should look like at Foothills, and he’s come up with a very good approach. Rather than looking for one specific kind of ministry to offer all the men in the church, he brought up the idea of seeing men’s ministry as a “mosaic.” A mosaic is one picture made up of several diverse elements, and we see our men’s ministry developing into a ministry made up of multiple and diverse groups of men meeting together for relationship and discipleship. This is actually already happening as a few smaller groups continue to meet, a men’s prayer group meets weekly, and occasional meetings of men take place in other venues and around other activities. We plan to enhance the mosaic with more groups and more activities, and what will tie this mosaic together is a common discipleship strategy and quarterly meetings where all the men from the different groups gather for teaching and fellowship.

So, YES! We do offer a men’s ministry at Foothills Fellowship. It’s one ministry made up of multiple and diverse groups and activities. A men’s ministry mosaic.