Help New City Church

Mike told us yesterday that on Sunday, December 1st, New City Church in Rio Rancho was robbed.  They are a mobile church – which means that they meet in a temporary location and have to bring in all of their equipment each week.  Last Sunday – for the second time in a year – their trailer containing all of their equipment was stolen.  Everything they own as a church is gone.  Here’s more form New City’s pastor Nate Bush.

To help, read this list then visit their web page to make a donation or to contact them.

Monetary donations to offset out of pocket costs.

Pipe and drape (either donated or long term borrow – this could save about $2500 on the reorder)

Trailer w/ramp (either donated or long term borrow)

A large carpet

Powered Subwoofer (this & the trailer would be time sensitive).

Any leads on a lease from another church, long term borrow, or even a used purchase.