OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABesides connecting with us on a Sunday morning, we invite you to connect with us via one of our small groups. Our small groups gather throughout the week as local manifestations of the larger Foothills body. The goal for small groups is to be representatives of God’s kingdom in the various neighborhoods around the city by (1) sharing life through regular meetings, both formal and informal, (2) praying and studying scripture together, and (3) reaching out to the surrounding community to display God’s love through service and relational evangelism.

Please call the small group leader or Pastor Joe (294-0016) before visiting, as many of our groups rotate homes.

Abeyta Small Group
Led by Ben and Geretta Abeyta
Westside/Rio Rancho
(505) 934-5577

Briggs / Tegard Small Group (Empty Nesters)
Led by Peter & Rosemarie Briggs and Chris & Jane Tegard
Four Hills
353-2064 or 400-9993

Eastman Small Group
Led by Joe and Melissa Eastman
(505) 550-8119

King Small Group
Led by Caleb and Lindsay King
High Desert (Tramway and Spain)
(573) 480-5339

Pauls Small Group
Led by Rod and Andrea Pauls
NE Heights and Midtown

Schaumburg Small Group
Led by Jorey and Alexis Schaumburg
Foothills Area
(505) 977-9499

Schlavin Small Group
Led by Paul and Mary Schlavin
NE Heights

Smith Small Group
Led by Pat and Kerry Smith
NE Heights