Poverty: Causes and Remedies

  Here is the audio of the Engage Class session with Mark Simmons, the International Director and Acting Country Director of South Sudan for FAR.  He visited Foothills Fellowship on Sunday and shared what he has seen as being the root causes of poverty and what we can do on a macro and micro level […]

Health and Growth in 2013

I was recently asked to write my answer to the following question. In doing so, I was able to relive the excitement of one of the ways God fostered health and growth in our church this past year.  Read this and celebrate with me! What has been one exciting process, program, event, etc. that you […]

Prayer for the Poor

Here’s the prayer Pastor Mike mentioned in the Engage Class yesterday… O God, when I have food, help me to remember the hungry; When I have work, help me to remember the jobless; When I have a home, help me to remember those who have no home at all; When I am without pain, help […]