Understanding Islam Seminar Notes

Here are some of my notes from tonight’s Understanding Islam seminar lead by Kevin H.  The audio of the seminar on CD will be available Sunday in the foyer.  Kevin covered much more than what I’ve included here, but the following will help you understand how Islam came about and the different sects of Islam.  […]

2014-15 Outreach and Missions Strategy

* Engage Global works with churches and organizations to engage in both going and sending to fulfill the Great Commission. They provide Muslim exposure experiences for up-to 18 people at a time in Minneapolis, MN. The city has 150,000 Muslims living there (many Somali refugees) and 100 mosques. It also has 3 Muslim markets that […]

The 7 C’s of Missions

FOOTHILLS FELLOWSHIP GLOBAL MISSIONS MISSION STATEMENT Expanding God’s Kingdom by planting and developing cross-cultural, reproducing, transformational churches. VALUES: THE 7 C’S Constant Prayer We recognize that our calling to global missions and the strength that we need to be successful in this endeavor comes completely from God. Therefore, our entire global missions effort will be […]

Poverty: Causes and Remedies

  Here is the audio of the Engage Class session with Mark Simmons, the International Director and Acting Country Director of South Sudan for FAR.  He visited Foothills Fellowship on Sunday and shared what he has seen as being the root causes of poverty and what we can do on a macro and micro level […]

Another Reinforcement for Our Global Missions Strategy

According to an article in the November 2013 edition of Christianity Today, 400,000 Christian missionaries were sent in 2010 from one country to another. The breakdown of who sent them and who received them is very interesting – and reinforces the missions strategy of Foothills Fellowship. Here are a few interesting and revealing stats: The […]