Ancient/Future Worship: What Is It Exactly?

One of our core values at Foothills Fellowship is “Ancient/Future Worship.” The way we describe this form of worship (and way of life, might I add) is this: Because we are a part of the same people of God that has existed from creation (and on through biblical history and church history), we will be […]

Titus 1:1-4 Slides

I went through a lot of information on Sunday as I walked us through Paul’s introduction in his letter to Titus. Many of you were writing furiously, but I imagine you may have missed some information as I had to move through the slides quickly. So, here are the slides if you’d like to go […]

Building Renovation Pictures July 7, 2016

Back of the worship center. The new floor is being installed and will be ready Sunday! You can also see the “cry room” and new sound room taking shape. Here’s a closer look at the floor. It’s a very durable wood laminate. The view from the front of the sanctuary showing what the new back […]

Building Renovation Pictures June 23, 2016

The walls will be textured tomorrow, and next week the walls will be painted and the ceiling tiles installed! The floor should go in the following week, and the project should be completed by mid-July! Here are pictures from after today’s work. This is the view from the main doors of the sanctuary looking over […]

Building Renovation Pictures June 15, 2016

The foyer space behind the sanctuary is officially enclosed, and the wall with matching arch (to the rest of the foyer walls) is up! This framing for the “cry room” is up. This is in the northeast corner of the sanctuary. The new nursery entrance is starting to take shape! The new doorway is next […]

Meditating on God’s Word

By Joe Eastman As 2016 continues to unfold we continue our focus on Spiritual Disciplines. For the first quarter of this year we took a good look at the discipline of simplicity. This quarter we continue by looking at the discipline of Biblical Meditation. Biblical Meditation means to internalize and personalize the Scriptures so that […]

Meditating with Confidence

Written by Joe Eastman We’re focusing on the spiritual discipline of biblical mediation this quarter, but how do we know that the Bible we have now is the Bible that was written back in Jesus’ day?  Can we trust that the Bible is true so that we can meditate on it with confidence?  These are […]

Building Renovation Pictures June 8, 2016

Picture #1: In the worship center, the carpet has been pulled and the sound booth is gone. The back wall will be coming down soon! Picture #2: This is a picture from the north end of the “old” back foyer. The framing for the cry-room and new sound booth is up! Picture #3: The nursery […]