A Liturgical Baptist Church? Really?

liturgyFoothills Fellowship is a baptist church.  We were founded over 40 years ago by a conservative baptist church planter, and our statement of faith would make most baptists very happy.  But join us on a Sunday morning, and you might seriously question our baptist roots.  Why?  Because we incorporate a good deal of liturgy in of our worship service.  We’re “liturgical baptists” (crazy, I know!), and here’s why.

Our lives are ruled by liturgy.  At its most basic meaning, liturgy is a customary repertoire of ideas, phrases, or observances.  Every day, our culture presses its liturgy upon us, and often, we succumb to it without even knowing it.  And it shapes us.

So, when we gather together as Christ-followers and Christ-worshippers on Sunday mornings at Foothills Fellowship, we engage in a counter-cultural liturgy.  This liturgy consists of singing, prayer, confession, the public reading of the Scriptures—including the assurance of our forgiveness from God’s Word, the preaching of the Word, and receiving communion.

We are called as God’s people to be shaped by Lord and by His Word.  Therefore, our liturgy on Sunday mornings is designed to shape us in this way.  Our prayer is that this shaping on Sunday will make for a meaningful and beneficial time of worship and will serve as a model for the rest of the week as we resist the shaping of our culture’s liturgy and allow ourselves to be shaped by the Lord.

Here’s an interesting blog post I stumbled across by a former Bob Jones fundamentalists turned catholic priest about the move of more and more churches doing what we’re doing.