2014-15 Outreach and Missions Strategy

2014 2015 Outreach Missions Funnel

* Engage Global works with churches and organizations to engage in both going and sending to fulfill the Great Commission. They provide Muslim exposure experiences for up-to 18 people at a time in Minneapolis, MN. The city has 150,000 Muslims living there (many Somali refugees) and 100 mosques. It also has 3 Muslim markets that are just like the markets in Muslim countries. Many attest that it feels like they’ve entered North Africa when they enter the markets. Engage Global will teach us about Muslim culture and reaching Muslims for Christ using the Crescent Project’s “Bridges” materials and will lead us into the Muslim community. We will spend time in the market, in coffee shops, and will eat several meals in Muslim restaurants – all the while praying, interacting, and then debriefing. The cost will be $800-$900 per person which includes airfare, lodging, and meals.