We’re a Part of the Gospel Coalition


Foothills Fellowship is a part of The Gospel Coalition (TGC) in Albuquerque. Two years ago, I was contacted by other like-minded churches to join them in launching the Albuquerque branch of the TGC. The pastors of the churches involved meet 4 times a year for lunch, prayer, and discussion.

I get great encouragement from these guys. We’re not from the same denomination, nor do we conduct our worship services the same way. But we are unified around the essentials of the gospel of Christ and unified by our passion to lead God’s people into a closer walk with Him.


I’m thankful for these men – for their prayers, their empathy, their understanding, and their passion. There is great hope in the state of New Mexico – a state not known for its Christian presence and influence. As long as men like these are leading our churches, God’s Word will continue to be faithfully and powerfully proclaimed here in New Mexico.

For more about TGC Albuquerque visit www.tgcalbuquerque.com