These 10 vision statements will help shape our ministry strategy for 2017 with the goal of accomplishing our mission of being a worshiping community of God’s people whose lives are shaped by the life, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus and who participate in the mission of God’s kingdom by proclaiming the good news locally, nationally and globally.

Join us in the following contexts and let’s accomplish this mission together:  Sunday Morning Worship and Fellowship, Bible Studies and Classes: “Live” and Online, Small Groups, Conferences and Seminars, Ministry Opportunities: Local, National and Global, Leadership Opportunities: Elder, Deacon, Ministry Leadership, and Special Events: Communion Meals, Picnics, etc.

In 2017, through prayer and by the power of the Holy Spirit, the people of Foothills Fellowship will…

1. Understand like never before that God expects all His followers to be His ambassadors, be more concerned and sorrowful for the lost, pray more than ever before for the lost and share their faith with more people than ever before.

2. Understand like never before the role their heart plays in their relationship with God, develop a deeper desire for intimacy with Him, and trust Him like never before.

3. Understand like never before the essential nature of Christian community, be more committed to one another than ever before, and devote themselves to be in intentional community with other Foothills people.

4. Understand like never before God’s call to minister to the poor, needy, and marginalized (including in the International District and with New Creation Albuquerque), develop a deeper concern and burden for them, and participate in ministry among them.

5. Understand like never before God’s call to reach the unreached people of the world (specifically among our targeted people groups) with the Gospel, develop a deeper understanding of and burden for them, and use their gifts to support our ministries to them.

6. Understand like never before what it means to be citizens of God’s Kingdom, will deeply value kingdom principles, and will strive to live out these principles in new and obvious ways.

7. Understand like never before how absolutely vital it is to know the Scriptures and live according to them; will become more and more confident that the Bible is God’s Word to us; and will be drawn into a deeper love for it and commitment to it.

8. Understand like never before what God desires for those who are single and for those who are married. We will explore together God’s Word as it relates to marriage, family, singleness, and sexuality, and we will strive like never before to be obedient to Him and loving toward others in the process. 

9. Understand like never before that healthy things grow—including churches—and that Foothills Fellowship should strive to grow, desire more and more to see friends and family be a part of the church, and invite them to join the community and welcome any and all new people with open arms—regardless of who they are or where they are coming from spiritually, emotionally, economically, or otherwise.


View the 2016 Vision brochure.