Introduction to Spiritual Gifts
As Christians, we are encouraged by Scripture to not just be hearers but also doers of the word. This is especially relevant where spiritual gifts are concerned. The New Testament is clear that we are accountable for all God gives us, including our gifting. So, we should seek not just to know our gifts but also to deploy them in real ways to impact the world. This course is an introduction to the theology of spiritual gifts and will help you begin to discern what your gifting may be.



Intro to Biblical Interpretation (Hermeneutics 101)
Hermeneutics is “the art and science of Biblical interpretation.” The word is derived from the Greek word which means to translate or interpret. We all have a biblical hermeneutic – even if we have never heard the word before. Our hermeneutic (method of biblical interpretation) will color everything we read, interpret, and then apply in the Bible. This course is designed to help you develop the right biblical hermeneutic – one that will lead you to understanding God’s Word better and then accurately applying it to your life.



Hermeneutics 201: Case Studies
Designed as a follow-up to Hermeneutics 101, this course offers 3 hermeuetic case studies for which you can try out your newly-learned hermeneutic skills!


Sharpening Your Communication Skills Online Marriage Seminar
This seminar was presented “live” by Pastor Mike as a fast-paced two-hour seminar but is also available on-line. The seminar has been broken up into 6 sections that you and your spouse can work through together at your own pace. Each section contains audio and a few contain video as well. Also, each section offers a downloadable worksheet that you can print out and use to take notes. Simply follow the instructions, and make sure to allow a good amount of time for discussion.


Parenting Help Now!
One of the core values of Foothills is to equip members to build strong, healthy, and biblical marriages and families. Pastor Mike used to host a radio show called Parenting Teenagers that was broadcast on 13 stations across 5 states. His Parenting Teenagers web site was full of parenting resources and was visited regularly by 15,000 parents each month. This vast library of parenting resources once housed on the Parenting Teenagers web site has been resurrected here to help Foothills parents (and of course anyone else who comes across this site) with their parenting journey. Areas of help include: overcoming busyness in your family, dealing with conflict & rebellion, handling crisis & grief in your home, help for fathers, help for mothers, preparing your children for independence, navigating teen sexuality, help for single parents, help with your child’s spiritual development, and more.