At Foothills Fellowship, our men’s ministry is what we call a “mosaic” of ministry opportunities.  A mosaic is one picture made up of several diverse elements, and our men’s ministry is made up of multiple and diverse groups of men meeting together for relationship and discipleship.  Currently, we have men meeting together via the following regular gatherings…

Theology Discussion Group (Wednesday evenings)
Motorcycle Rides (Monthly)
Outdoor Adventures – Hiking, Hunting, etc (Monthly)
Prayer Group (Saturday mornings)
Bicycling Group (Monthly)
Repair Group (Monthly)
Smaller Groups (Occasional meeting of men from small groups)
Men’s Breakfast (Quarterly)

There are 2 things that hold this mosaic together.  One is the discussion of the “Man Card” at each of these gatherings.  The “Man Card” is a card with a few questions that the men ask each other for the purpose of prayer and accountability.  The second is a quarterly meeting where all the men from each group gather together to eat and hear a man-centered teaching from the Scriptures by either Pastor Mike or Pastor Joe.  For more information or to start or join a group, contact Pastor Joe.

The Need for Intimacy Among Men
Here’s a blog post that includes much of what Pastor Mike talked about at the men’s breakfast on 8/27/16. The audio of the discussion is included too! This is important stuff.

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