Most people who join a church are looking for deep connections with Christian people. Admittedly, making deep connections in this day and age can be difficult – especially because people are busy and don’t seem to have time to connect with others. We encourage our people to simplify their lives in order to make more time for their relationships with the Lord and with one another, and some are doing this! If you want to get connected at Foothills Fellowship with others, here is how we suggest you do it…

Start coming to morning worship regularly and stay afterward. Our people are pretty good at welcoming new people. As a matter of fact, we take a few minutes in the service for people to greet one another. If you don’t get greeted before the service, you will at this time. After the service, we make light refreshments available in our Café. Stick around. Grab a snack and mull around. Again, our people should greet you during this time as well, but if they don’t, you may need to introduce yourself to a few people. Admittedly, it can be a bit difficult to take initiative, but we have found that those who are willing to take a little initiative to meet people on Sunday mornings are the ones that eventually get connected here. If you do connect with someone on a Sunday morning, then seek them out the following Sunday. Sit by them during the service, and after the service, stick with them and you’ll find that you’ll end up meeting other people too. A little aggression goes a long way!


Attend a church picnic, communion meal, and/or newcomers lunch. On the 3rd Sunday of every month, we either have a church picnic at Lynnewood Park (which is in the neighborhood right behind the church) or a communion meal (in the sanctuary) immediately following the service. Picnics take place in June, July, and August, and communion meals take place the other months. Both offer better opportunities for you to get to get to know people than on normal Sunday mornings. We hold newcomers lunches 2-3 times per year. This is our opportunity to get to know you better and for you to get to know us better. We provide the food, and Pastor Mike gives you the low-down on the church. He’ll tell you about our history, our mission, our church government, and other important and fun facts. And, you can ask him any question you want. He may not answer all of them, but you can ask!


Get involved in one of our many discipleship opportunities for you and your family. Our discipleship offerings give you and your family excellent opportunities to not only grow in your relationships with the Lord but to also get connected with some of the same people on a consistent basis. If you have young children (ages 3-4th grade), send them to  My Message during the Sunday service where they’ll be able to interact with kids their age. If you have mid-high or high schoolers, bring them to our student ministry night on Friday evenings from 6:30-8:30PM where there are 20-30 other students their age (grades 5-12). And, there are always adult discipleship opportunities in which you can participate: Bible studies, Women’s Ministry, Men’s Ministry, and service opportunities. If you’re serious about taking the next step in getting connected with other brothers and sisters in Christ at Foothills, then this step is essential.


Visit a few small groups then join one. We currently have a number of small groups that regularly meet in homes all over the city. Each one looks and feels different, and it may take a couple of tries to find one that feels right. That’s ok. Take your time. While each small group is unique, there are a few things that they all have in common: 1) they meet together regularly (so that over time, deep connections can be made); 2) they eat together (because good relational connections are best made over food!); and 3) they pray together (because nothing binds people together better than praying for one another). Foothills Fellowship currently has about 250 people that call this their church home, so if you want to develop deep connections here, you will need to join together with a smaller group of people by joining a small group. Pastor Joe oversees our small groups, so talk to him, and he can help you begin your search.

Become a member. Foothills Fellowship is a Christ-ruled, elder-led, deacon-served, member-engaged church. Becoming a member means that you will be invited to join us in making decisions that affect the direction of the church. You’ll have a voice in the hiring of staff, calling of elders and deacons, setting the church budget, etc. We highly value the prayers, wisdom, and ideas of those who have made the commitment to membership at Foothills. If you’d like to pursue membership, then – after attending Foothills for 6 months and attending one of our newcomers lunches – fill out a membership application and turn it in to the office. Click here for more information on becoming a member.


It’s never easy coming to a new church and getting connected, and there’s no “perfect” church. The overwhelming majority of people who visit Foothills Fellowship comment on how warm and welcoming the people here are. And it’s true! We are a church of full of some pretty warm and welcoming people who understand the need that we all have for connection and friendship. However, we’re not perfect.

You may come across some people here that you don’t jive with. That’s OK. There are plenty of other people here from which to choose! You may come across some people that aren’t very welcoming. That’s not OK. Perhaps they’re having a bad day and will be nicer the next time you see them. Maybe they’re just not very nice. 🙂 If so, we’re glad they’re here where they will be challenged to get nicer and to share the love of God with others!

As you know, developing deep connections with people doesn’t happen overnight, so be willing to give it some time, and be willing to put yourself out there a bit. If you follow these 4 steps, your chances of getting truly connected with other believers here at Foothills Fellowship are much higher. And of course, pray about this! Ask the Lord to give you the kinds of connections and friendships with other believers that will meet your need for connection and help you grow in your faith and in your love for Him.

If you’d like more information or help with connecting at Foothills Fellowship, contact Pastor Joe Eastman.