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briggs2013The Daystar Institute of Biblical Theology and Leadership Development (Daystar Institute NM) is a ministry launched from Foothills Fellowship and led by Dr. Peter and Rosemarie Briggs who have developed the Walking in the Way of Christ and the Apostles project.

Walking in the Way is a non-denominational, faith-based ministry of Daystar Institute NM designed to counteract the issue of ‘Christian in name only’ by equipping and establishing disciples of Jesus to walk in the way of wisdom that leads to life.  Although our focus thus far has been the training of pastors and church leaders in third-world countries, the content of Walking in the Way is applicable to all believers in any culture.  Our goal is to see believers in Jesus live out powerful, authentic Christian lives.

WITW BeachWalking in the Way was developed at the request of missionary friends in Africa who needed a training and equipping tool for pastors and church leaders in practical theology and ordered discipleship in order to confront the huge issue of nominalism there.  One of them stated, “Christianity here is a mile wide and an inch deep.”  Thus was born Walking in the Way.  Today Walking in the Way is becoming a ‘movement’ in East Africa where God has raised up a devoted, highly qualified team to train local pastors and church leaders.  Their testimony is that pastors and teachers are powerfully preaching and teaching the Word of God because of the training they received, and their churches are growing.  We would love for Walking in the Way to explode in the US as it has in Africa and are available to lead training seminars locally and elsewhere as God provides.

Walking in the Way U.S. Web Site
Walking in the Way AFRICA Web Site

Click on the links below to preview The Theological Readers (Parts 1 and 2) and the Study Guides (Parts 1 and 2).    As you will see, Walking in the Way is a 3-part series that focuses on 1) practical theology, 2) ordered discipleship and 3) building a biblical worldview.  It also features a stand-alone volume entitled “Common Matter” which includes a useful glossary and several appendices which are of general interest. Part 3 is under development.

WitW Book CoverPart 1 Theological Reader (Preview)
Part 2 Theological Reader (Preview)

Part 1 Study Guide (Preview)
Part 2 Study Guide (Preview)

The Study Guide is an excellent tool to use for a Bible Study, whereas the Theological Reader provides more in-depth material for the serious student.

Contact us at for information on how to secure your own copies.

Swahili Translation Project has begun!  Part 1 of the TR and SG are now in the hands of our Swahili translators.  This will be a huge help in training people in the Kenyan coastal region .  You may help support this effort by going to   Assign your gift to Daystar Institute.

Downloads for Foothills Students:
WitW Theological Reader (Part 3)
WitW Theological Reader (List of Resources and Appendices)