We are a church that plants churches. Since the early 1990’s, we have been involved in praying for and working toward planting gospel churches all around the world. In South Asia, we’ve been a part of an exploding church-plant movement that has literally seen thousands of home churches planted all across that part of the world. We are currently working on seeing a church planted among an unreached people group in North Africa.

In January of 2017, we planted a church in the International District of Albuquerque. New Creation Albuquerque met for the first time in January of 2017 and is under the leadership of Pastor Jesse Harden who served at Foothills Fellowship as an associate pastor for 10 years. His family, and a few other families from Foothills, moved into the International District and are doing incarnational ministry among the the people there.

Below are some of the updates we posted as the process was developing…

New Creation Albuquerque - Church Plant Commissioning

New Creation Albuquerque – Church Plant Commissioning

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After months and months of prayer and discussion, the elders have affirmed that God is leading us as a church to plant a new church in the International District of Albuquerque!  And, as God would have it, He’s already brought us the pastor who will lead the charge.  Jesse Harden, who served as our youth and associate pastor from 2002-2012 will be leading us on this ministry adventure.


If you are curious about our church plant; If you are considering joining our church plant; If you are already committed to the church plant…THEN JOIN PASTOR JESSE FOR THIS 10-WEEK COURSE! It will take place in the International District on Sunday evenings this Fall. Jesse will cover the core values of this new plant and will help you as you discern whether or not to be a part of the plant when it launches in December/January. This course is required if you plan to be a part of the plant. Childcare will be provided. Please contact Jesse and let him know if you’ll be coming.  Call him at (505) 350-4562 or email him at

Intl District

Our mission statement says that we will “participate in the mission of God’s kingdom by proclaiming the good news locally…”  There is no better way to do this than to plant a new church!  Dozens of studies have confirmed that the average new church gains most of its new members (60-80%) from the ranks of people who are not attending any worshipping body, while churches over 10-15 years of age gain 80-90% of new members by transfer from other congregations. This means that the average new congregation will bring 6-8 times more new people into the life of the Body of Christ than an older congregation of the same size. We can’t wait to see the Kingdom of God expand in the International District through this new church plant!

View Jesse’s announcement video:

Listen to Pastor Mike’s 11/15/15 sermon announcing the church plant:


Here are the 4 things Pastor Mike encourages the church to do in light of this big announcement:

1) REJOICE!  This is GREAT news!

2) Pray for the Hardens as Jesse finishes up his schooling in Waco and the family transitions here in 2016.

3) Pray for the Elders. There are lots of decisions to be made in the coming months.

4) Pray that God would reveal to you how you might one day be involved in this.  Opportunities for service will abound!

Here’s Jesse’s 2/28/16 video describing the “Steps Toward Discernment” Resource:

Discernment Process Card