Titus 1:1-4 Slides

I went through a lot of information on Sunday as I walked us through Paul’s introduction in his letter to Titus. Many of you were writing furiously, but I imagine you may have missed some information as I had to move through the slides quickly. So, here are the slides if you’d like to go […]

The Remedy for Anxiety

Here’s my Sunday sermon from Luke 12:22-34 in a nutshell… Worry is common to all of us, but as Kingdom citizens, we must fight the temptation to worry because it does us no good, and it reveals that our trust in God is weak. Instead, we should spend the time and energy we usually spend […]

My Second Advent Sermon in 18 Tweets

Sunday was the second Sunday of Advent, and I preached on 2 Peter 3:8-15. You can listen to the entire sermon here. I saw a pastor friend of mine condense his Sunday sermon into tweets (140 characters or less), so I thought I’d try. It really boils the message down to the essentials! Here goes… […]

The 7 C’s of Missions

FOOTHILLS FELLOWSHIP GLOBAL MISSIONS MISSION STATEMENT Expanding God’s Kingdom by planting and developing cross-cultural, reproducing, transformational churches. VALUES: THE 7 C’S Constant Prayer We recognize that our calling to global missions and the strength that we need to be successful in this endeavor comes completely from God. Therefore, our entire global missions effort will be […]

10 Ways to HEAR the Word

In Luke 8:4-18 we find the parable of the sower – a parable that seems very basic upon first glance but full of meaning and depth as it is studied. One of its main points is that Jesus is calling all who hear the good news of the Kingdom of God to HEAR it. If we […]

Good News? Really?

In Luke’s gospel, he calls what John the Baptist preached “good news.” (Luke 3:18) However, the news that Luke called “good” included burning in an unquenchable fire. (Luke 3:17) John preached that when Jesus comes, He will separate the wheat (those who repent and follow Him) from the chaff (those who don’t repent and follow […]

John and Jesus’ Political Foes

I pointed out on Sunday the importance of understanding the political environment in which John the Baptist and Jesus began their ministries.  It was not a warm environment to say the least! Jesus – the Son of God and King of the Jews – was entering a political environment already occupied by one called “the […]

Did Jesus Sin When He Was Young?

In Luke 2, we see 12-year-old Jesus staying behind in Jerusalem for three days without telling his parents. They leave to head back home after celebrating the Passover Feast, thinking he is a part of their caravan of relatives and friends, only to discover at the end of the day that he is not with […]